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We strive to produce the best


We always insure the health and safely of all our reptiles and never put them in any situation which will cause excessive stress or harm to them. We provide optimum care for all of our animals including the feeders, to insure a healthy diet for our reptiles that we sell. What started is all was the humble ball pythons. For us ball pythons are the most  calming and peaceful pet one can own. They are timid nature allows the owner to take control easier and they are sweet guys never bite, 'unless its feeding time'. They are the easiest pet to look after , they only required attention only once a week for cleaning and feeding while don't mind being handled any time of the day. We hope that more people will come to love  this wonderful reptiles as much as we do.


Feel free to drop by our facility and have a look at the beautiful animals if your'e around town. 


Kazem Sharif



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